Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here is what's on my mind today!

I have had the travel bug for a while now.  I live in Texas and I have been virtually nowhere else in my thirty years thus far.  For the continental U.S., I live so close to Louisiana that I've been there more times than I've been to any major city in Texas.  I've driven across Mississippi, without stopping, to get to Alabama.  My grandparents drove us to Arkansas once, but we didn't even have to drive across any other states to get there.  I also flew to Virginia a few years ago.  I've never been west beyond San Antonio, and lately I've been longing for a change of scenery.

Basically, I want to drive west across the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico to the California coast.  While there, I want to visit the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and go out on a boat to look at white sharks in person.  From there, we would travel north along the coast, stopping to check out the forests, maybe do some camping, just take in the natural beauty.  Then we could hang out in Seattle and check that out before hopping off into Canada so we could say we've been there, plus check out whatever Vancouver's got going on. 

Coming back, and time permitting, I'd like to meander down around the Rocky Mountains.  The only mountain experience I have is the Ozarks.  They are some of the oldest mountains around, so they're not as...I don't even know...mountain-ey?  They're more like super big hills.  I'd at least like to say I've seen the Rockies, but honestly, if I get sick like I did in the Ozarks, I'd rather just drive straight south across the plains states.

Clearly, this is a huge trip, like retirement-level in life huge, and it ultimately may have to wait.  Fortunately, there is some talk about a trip to Europe going around the house now.  I have always been an anglophile, and I would love to visit the UK, as well as many other European countries.  I will admit, though, that Europe is a little scary to me, not so much because of terrorism or things like that, but because of those terrible Hostel movies.  They've given me the idea that all Europeans want to kidnap and sadistically murder me.  Mainly, I want to visit the museums and look at awesome stuff until I can't even stand it any more. 

I would also really like to visit Japan, but my husband isn't to keen on that because he thinks he would literally "not fit in," and he's probably right.  A man of his stature could never sleep in a nap pod.

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  1. Dear Carly:

    When do we leave? I could show you the Rockies, as I lived there for 20 years. And I would love to see the parts of the west coast you are talking about. I can also show you great places in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as Colorado.
    Now, where do we get the funding?