Thursday, November 11, 2010

Topic Change?

I know this week we're supposed to write in response to another blog, but I feel I have bigger things I need to write about this week.  After being completely frustrated with the lack of credible information about medical marijuana, I have 95% decided that I will abandon that topic in favor of another that I have access to much more information on.  My new topic will be heartworm disease.  Yes, heartworm disease usually affects dogs, but did you know that you can get it too?  Shocking!  But, since people are not the preferred host for the parasite, it manifests in other ways that maybe aren't as dangerous but can still cause problems.  In my paper, I intend to discuss these problems and their treatments, as well as discuss how preventing the disease in dogs is the best way to prevent it in people.  I'm not certain this is exactly what I'm supposed to do or if this topic is acceptable, but I've already got an outline going and have paragraphs floating about in my head, so I think I'm going to go with it no matter what.  Unless my professor tells me "if you write about this, you will get a zero."  That would probably change my mind.  Just a few days ago in seminar, the instructor mentioned some students change their topic two or three times and I thought "that's nuts!"  Now here I am, being nuts.  Sheesh.



  1. OMG Carly! I did not know this information!! Our papers are supposed to of a scientific nature based on medicine ... I think this topic qualifies (just my opinion). I know we are not in this class together, but I would love to read your paper.

  2. Dear Carly:

    I think that's a GREAT topic! I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to write about that; I mean, who knew that people could get infected too? Let me know what happens!



  3. Carly - the topic is fine. I am a little concerned about the argumentative/persuasive aspect of it. From what you've described, it sounds more informative than anything else. Maybe the topic could be expanded to other animal to human infections? Just a thought.

  4. Carly...

    i know how hard it is to get credible information about medical marijuana is hard. It is out there, but its not easy. The people who write against it are biased against it and those who are in favor are biased in its favor. Which means that very little gets accomplished. This is why I ultimately threw out the idea myself. I ahd no idea that humans could attract heartworm. Good luck...with your paper...

  5. Dearest Carly:

    I know your frustration, as the topic that is being refined in the athanor of my heart is one that I can find ZERO previous research on. But I am STUNNED that you cannot find credible information on medical marijuana!?! I would think that would be one of the easiest topics to find good research on. What is it that you are finding instead?