Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is International "Get Irritated" Day!

I am celebrating by being unable to take my AP II prequiz, being unable to reach my advisor with an important question, and having some random number call me every hour and try to fax my cell phone.  Also, it is very windy outside and I REALLY DON'T LIKE WIND!  I know it is necessary and has many important functions, but it messes up my hair and makes it ten times colder than it really is, so wind needs to literally "get out of my face."

Moving on...

I did some hardcore writing yesterday.  The assignment for my anatomy class was to take a "fantastic voyage" up the femoral vein, into the lungs, battle bacteria there, then scoot out through the nose.  I have a long history of turning in papers that are not quite what was asked for, but still cover the basics and are just so darn entertaining that they get A's anyway.  This particular paper features three characters, a fair amount of dialogue, and a summer blockbuster-style action sequence involving a rogue macrophage.  I'm quite proud of it, though I don't think I will receive full credit because my relevant content isn't all it could be, especially towards the end.  I am certain, however, that it is at least a passing grade paper, and after the week I've had, I'm fully prepared to roll with that.

I really want to thank everyone for your comments on and about my blog.  It reminds me so much of experiences I had with writing in elementary school.  For major holidays, teachers would hand out sheets with drawings of something like Santa with a large bag, and the bag would have lines in it for you to write on.  The students were supposed to write a story about Christmas, or Easter, or get the idea.  Well, I would write stories with multiple pages and the teacher would be so entertained by them that she would read my stories to the rest of the class.  No one else's stories were read aloud, only mine.  I was painfully shy, so I would excuse myself to the restroom while my story was read, and I could always hear the entire class laughing down the hall.  When I came back, they would clap for me and the teacher usually had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard.  I cannot remember what I wrote about, but I remember how good it felt to know that I had entertained others with my work.  It wasn't until later in life that I learned just how hard it would be to make writing a career.  It is something I still think about and wish that I could do, but it wasn't in the cards for me.

In closing, today I am going to attempt to embed a video to my blog post. This is a hyperlink, which means that if you click it, it will take you to my theory. Check. It. Out!
Oh, it isn't "my" video.  I didn't make it.  Actually, one guy made the original, then some other guys auto-tuned the audio and put it on youtube, and I got it from there.  So as you see, I have nothing to do with the video other than sharing it with you!


  1. Carly - thanks for the link. I have not seen it "songified" but have seen the original. I don't know if I agree with you -- the great thing about writing is that there are many careers in which you can use it....don't give up just yet!

  2. Whats up...I, also, believe that there should be a national get irritated day!!!All hail Get Irritated Day!!!!
    I have to tell you I am thoroughly amused by the adventures of the rogue macrophage. I love to write things that make people laugh just for the hell of it. I am renowned for writing monologues from the perspective of someones unborn child then giving it to them as a gift at their baby showers. You would be amazed what baby's have to say about their parents in-utero...makes for great


  3. I loved your blog on National get irritated day, that is so much me. I don't have great writing skills, but I do put my best foot forward and try to get all the required information needed to get a passing grade. I'm going for nursing not for a blockbuster novel, because whoever would back me without reading it first would be loosing their butt.


  4. Hey, Sweetie!

    Honestly, have you ever considered writing comedy for a living? Anyways....I don't get the big deal about the double rainbow song, EXCEPT that I think the video was taken where I used to live! Do you happen to know where that was shot?
    I LOVE the wind (but not what it does to the internet connection). I'm sure you'll be given another chance to take the pre-quiz. What unit are you on? Are you in APII or I?